Friction Audio Visuals

What We Do

Audio Video Studio

Our Audio Video studio is home FOR professionals, run BY professionals.
We have a diverse selection of cutting edge audio & video equipment that will assuredly take all our clients’ dreams/visions to another level.
Our core principles are engraved in our mantra, BE Creative, Be Passionate, and Be Dynamic and all our work is driven by this.

Video Production

We believe that video is not all bout camera movements but the story you want to tell; our only job is to help you capture your vision.
We aim to create videos that drive conversations and create a following by daring to push the boundaries of technology.
With the entertainment world becoming ever more fascinated by technology, we support you in delivering high quality videos, with images of high definition and sound quality.(not sure about this, use at your discretion)
Other services offered include:
1. Motion graphics, lay out, animation etc (You will elaborate here)
2. etc etc

Music and Audio Production

We offer the perfect blend of dialogue, songs and post production. Our professionals possess
high quality equipment for recording, mixing and manipulating sound to make your audio
We strongly believe that, where words fail, music speaks as Music is what feelings sound like.
With this in hindsight, our team of professionals aims to bring the right notes and acoustics to
all our clients’ productions.
Services offered:
1. Track production, Voiceover recording etc etc

Creative concepts

According to Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, then, is not an act, but a
habit.” We strive for excellence in our creative concepts we design that are unique to all our
Our creative firepower super talented team are there at every step of the project where they;
ideate, design, develop, write, book, shoot, record, voice edit, mix, light etc etc ( clarify on
these since you’re the expert!! Hehe) until our clients’ vision is brought to life.
Other services here include: 1, 2 etc etc